Relax Into the Real You

An exploration of Life seen from a waking lucid dream state.

As I enter this wonderful experience I see very clearly that I am a consciousness without locality and without a body, that the personality and body can be shifted, maybe only a bit at a time, but certainly changed. This is done in several ways.

1 – I see that if a person is helped to relax they shift in some degree from the person centred or body centred awareness toward the I Am centred awareness. The more deeply they learn to relax the more this shift occurs. If they shift toward this in some degree, then simply observe the situation in the body/personality centred awareness, then they become more aware of what they are creating of themselves, and how.

In my case I observed the tension and frustration mentioned earlier on. There is to be no judgement of what is observed, only an assessment of whether this is what one wants. I didn’t want to be that tense, or to have my energy bottled up. From the relaxed condition observe what attitudes go into forming the present condition. In my case I saw easily that the tension was due to my pushing myself to find the answers to my search. Having observed, shift the attitudes. I don’t mean reject or eject them. They are a part of your own energy flow. They are created out of your own longings and decisions. Shift just like you shift your body position or change your decision. Hold an image of the shifted self and feeling. In my case the shift was away from searching for who I am and its tension, toward realising that I am always the wider self, and I can approach it by relaxing, by realising I AM the torrent of energy. Hold an image also of how this will influence your body. Once you can feel the shift at this subtle level, practice it during the day. All you need to do is close your eyes for a moment and feel the shift, imagine the change, recognise the different attitudes.

This shifting can be done also by one person relaxing another person and helping them to recognise honestly what it is they are really wanting or creating out of their hopes, fears and expectations. For instance they might want success, but are fearing failure. Having defined the set of variables creating their present situation, help them to find a shift, a move they can actually believe in.

It can help the person to look at their thoughts, their emotions, and recognise that they are not any one thought or emotion. Thoughts, emotions are things flowing out of them, always shifting, always changing in response to stimuli. The clear consciousness is what underlies all this. It is like the mirror in which we so often look at the images reflected and fail to see the mirror.

As Co-Creators we can Help Create Each Other

2 – Because we are co-creators, because we create from our belief systems, we can help each other re-create our lives. We can do this in several ways. One I explored a little bit was to be in the pure consciousness then switch attention to another person – my wife. She has eczema on the back of her head, and I investigated her being to see if I could discover its causes. I found that it was due to basic mammal response systems in her, responding to some of her present circumstances in a stress reaction. I then tried to see if I could feel a shift in these stress responses, and felt a more relaxed feeling to the circumstances. I believe with practice this could be made more effective with the co-operation of the person concerned.

Another way is to recognise that out of what we believe another person to be, we help them create their life. As I saw this in the session several real life events rose into consciousness showing that this realisation was based on observation, or could be observed in everyday life. For instance, that very morning as I woke, my wife  said she had just been waking, and had dreamt, while semi-awake, that she had asked me to put my hands on my head. As she woke and looked at me I, still asleep, moved my arms to put my hands on my head. Also, I have often mentioned or thought that my ability to ask questions and find a spontaneous response that appears to arise without thinking, occurs much more powerfully with my son. I have always felt this was because he has a different attitude to it than other people I have met. His belief system is different about it. So in a real sense we create it together. I out of my potential, and he out of his belief.

If we recognise this we can work with it and help each other shift our personality or draw out of ourselves abilities that are dormant, or heal physical or psychologically conditions.

Therefore it is helpful to gather as friends those people with widely varied views of you, as you can build from these a many faceted self. I realised as I saw this that political leaders and charismatic leaders use this fact by having a lot of followers. They build up the belief system and use it to manifest a larger self.

All the social, political and religious systems create a situation in which they urge individuals to lose their wholeness. This is because any organisation, or organism, has specialised needs. Therefore, individuals are urged to lose those features, such as independence, that do not fit the specialised needs of the organisation. Some of the most obvious one-sidedness is seen in the unbalanced roles taken by men and women. The men have lost their female aspect, and women their male. I could sense my own vagina as an area of pleasure under the front pelvic bone. To feel this pleasure was very satisfying and I felt whole. In fact as the pure consciousness I was neither male or female, but potentially anything.

Great Shifts to Make

In males who do not accept their internal female, the drive to wholeness becomes a persuasive lust for women. The same is true in reverse for females.

I see the we have a very real message to help people liberate their body from the many inbuilt cultural, religious and political influences. In fact, as I look at this I wrote the following toward the end of the session.

This is about LIBERATION. It is about finding liberation from the political, religious and social influence that have actually been built into your body.

For women it means claiming the man inside you, and finding real independence. The independence from which a full loving relationship can be created.

For men it means accepting and glorifying in the female side of yourself you are hopelessly trying to deny.

For everyone it means finding yourself as a whole person, and not the half person social or religious rules may have led you to be to conform.

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