Self Acceptance

What I feel is the main point here is not an indulgence of these different parts of one’s own nature such as the obscene, the ultra religious, the underhand, but they are not turned away so they can become integrated with the other parts of oneself. This has a balancing and healing effect as I experienced in the dream below. I felt that that was what it meant when Jesus doesn’t turn anybody away, and doesn’t judge anyone. These different aspects are part of one’s nature, just as everybody in the objective world is a part of one’s wider life. But they are all parts of one’s nature, beautiful parts of one’s whole.

Example: Now I returned to being the flux. This is a very intense part of what I meet. It becomes very clear that the flux represents an acceptance, a blending and amalgamation of the very many different stances, drives, aspects of myself. But it is also about an acceptance of the stances that other people take. So, it is an acceptance of the prostitute, of the homosexual, of the murderer, of the mystic, the business person, the dropouts – it is self acceptance. As I experience this deeply, I realised what a tremendous depth in growth, in maturity this is. Not only is it a step in one’s own integration, but I realised that it is also a doorway to tremendously wider experience of Life.

But this self-acceptance has to be much wider than different personality types, or aspects of one’s personality. It is also an inclusion of the fundamental aspects of your own being such as the bacteria, the animal parts of one’s nature, the viruses, the creepy crawly things that go on inside one. These are all the foundations of the physical life, and if rejected, then you are closing the door to awareness of certain parts of yourself and wisdom it contains, you also close the door to these fundamental and vital part of your  body.

Example: I am now in the flux. The flux is the heart of all religions. I couldn’t get them before until I had accepted myself and integrated the different aspects of myself and life. Not only am I accepting all the different parts of life but I have their potential also. I had the potential of the predator, of the parent, of the lover, of the soldier and tradesmen. I have actually absorbed them. Whoever loves me becomes part of or has access to that flux.

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