The Archetype of Blood

It is something all mammals have in common, and all depend upon for life. It can therefore represent the process of universal life in us. It may be shown as red wine, the drinking of which, in some dreams, is realised to be wine and blood at the same moment. This wine/blood depicts the life and pain, the genius and despair of all that has lived.

In the form of Christ’s blood it depicts all human experience, in which, by allowing personal awareness to be open to the collective, we can share and meet death and rebirth in a transformed way. In other words it this blood of the wider awareness of our human condition that flows into your life through some measure of acceptance of yourself as an integral part of life and human society. It touches you when you accept your connection with your fellow humans in a non judgmental way, and are ready to live your life as part of the whole. This leads to the death of your old sense of self as a separate being. Born from this death is greater insight into your personal connection with society and the world. See blood.

Collective human experience is not a mystical or abstract thing. You are constantly surrounded by it in your everyday life. You are immersed in it mentally. Language itself summarises, and is therefore a collective form of, human and cultural experience. In learning it we are exposed to all the many experiences, concepts, fears, and hopes of collective humanity. But through our habits of bigotry, judgement, social sense of inferiority and lack of love we shut ourselves off from this wider life.

Blood also depicts someone’s life. So dreaming of seeing someone’s blood, or giving someone blood to drink, suggests a deep awareness of or infusion of another person’s being. See alcohol.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this an archetype or am I dreaming about being hurt or losing energy?

Am I touching an awareness of collective human life?

What am I taking into myself from the collective life?

Have I in some way accepted my part in the web of life?

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-johanna prinsloo 2011-07-24 19:25:25

Thank you. I llike the website. I love to know more about the archetypel maenings for a bussiness. I love cats and named my studio ArtKat Studio that means Art for the studio and kat in afrikaans that means cat. I love cats and they are all around the students during the classes. The Logo is also two cats laying in a yin/yang position. Thankyou so much

    -Tony Crisp 2011-08-16 9:31:49

    Johanna – Thanks for your friendly message.

    I have made a note to look at the archetypal meaning of business.

    Meanwhile I looked at your site and thought the design was very imaginative, and in case people wish to see it for themselves here is the link –


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