The Future

As for the future of mankind, shortly after the year 2000 A.D., a great influence will manifest itself to the world to usher in a new era, a one thousand year period of world peace and righteousness, the age of Aquarius (the water-bearer).  The end of the Age of Pisces (the fish, the symbol for the Christian church) is upon us.  But before peace and righteousness comes, the earth will undergo catastrophic disasters upon civilization.  These disasters will force mankind to once again rely on nature, the Creative forces in us, and other people to create harmony and stop all war, evilness, and end the continuing desecration of this planet.  As in the days of the dinosaurs, the days of Atlantis, and the days of Noah, civilization also experiences a process of evolutionary renewal from time to time that leads to perfection.  The earth has a mind of its own and it cleanses itself of impurities as a single organism does.

Each person came to earth not by chance, but through the grace, the mercy, of a loving creator; that the soul may, through its own choice, work out those faults which prevent its communion and at-onement with Life Itself.

Edgar Cayce could also sometimes look ahead in time, not always accurately, but often amazingly so. In 1932 he said, when asked about the next fifty years, ‘This had best be cast after the great catastrophe that’s coming to the world in ’36, in the breaking up of many powers that now exist as factors in the world affairs. The first noticeable change will be the acceptance or rejection of the first Court of Last Resort in the world. Then the break up in ’36 will be the change that will make different maps of the world.’

Later, he said peace would be established in ’44 and ’45. Looking further ahead, he said that between the years 1968 and ’98, the world would experience enormous earthquakes and geophysical changes. These, he said, were all part of the changes preparing man and the world for the next stage in evolution personal consciousness of God. But prophecy was a difficult business, he explained, as mankind creates their own future by their present actions. Thus one can gain an idea of the present direction, but this could be altered by changes of heart, of ideal on the part of individuals and nations.

Cayce not only looked into the future, or into an individual’s present history, he also looked into their past lives, and into man’s historical past. He gave many ‘life readings’, which were descriptions of an individual’s past lives, and what influences they brought to bear on present activities. The many doctors, scientists and historians who became fascinated by his information, found his comments on reincarnation hard to take. Nevertheless, he helped many in this way.  See the book that examines Cayce’s gift of seeing the past – Many Mansions

The idea of an alien life form that has been visiting Earth from Arcturus is
frequently associated with the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce,
the Arcturians are a “fifth dimensional” life form. They are highly advanced
both technically and spiritually.

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