The Guru Figure

“In my dream I had the definite sense it was a yoga or Eastern seminar inside the room, and I was watching a man. Pausing he stood in front of the open door and with feet fairly wide apart, bowed his head right to the floor, with hands held in a salute. This presented his bare behind to my view. His clean and hairless rectum was very evident. In writing this down though, I realise there was no view of genitals.

In working on the dream I first felt the posture to be one of surrender or acknowledgement of a teacher. But it was also a very powerful stance, and had in it the bums up sign. I imagined going into the room as the man. As him I felt intelligent, confident, willing to reserve my opinions to learn. In the room an Eastern man in robes and regalia sat on a stage. Many people sat on the floor as if meditating. The guru figure was not saying anything. I had the sense of people trying to get wisdom from him, even if he were not speaking – as if his silence held wisdom. I sat and opened to learn what this personage was communicating. As I looked he winked at me. I felt this was a communication, as was his silence. He simply sat and looked around the room. Occasionally he ate something, then got up and left.

I felt as if I got the message. It was that he was not the goal. He was not something to look toward as if he were an answer. He was simply saying – you are the goal. Living your own life is the path and the goal. There is nothing to find, only your self to live. You need someone to look at to learn this presumably, so I will sit here until you learn not to look at me.”


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