The Industrial Revolution began in the 17 hundreds. Most features about it describe it as a wonderful change but there is so much that is not mentioned. It began in England and before it started the common people were free to live their lives as they pleased so they only needed to work short hours a week to feed themselves because the land was common, meaning anyone could run their pigs, geese and cattle to feed on the land. But the men of power in the land took over the common land and made the commoners work for wages in factories or their land. Thus began the awful situation we are locked in which forces people to work to survive.

The financial problems we see following from the plague we are experiencing worldwide were set in place hundreds of years ago by those with great power and riches. It is a financial sytem which keeps the money tightly in the hands of the now billionaires. Basically it says that people must work as an employee to earn enough from those with money. In some past societies riches of food or money/power were shared equally. But the system we are living under means many will either live a life of great poverty or work their whole life and often end with nothing,

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But at the  moment there is a move to share what you have worked hard for. It is working well in Britain and is known as Employment Enrichment but may well be introduced by two well known companies – John Lewis  – Richer Sounds

A statement from the owner of Richer Sounds says it all. “In May 2019, he handed control of the business over to an Employee Owned Trust, so Richer Sounds is now controlled and majority owned by the people who work in the company. We now trade from 53 stores nationwide, online and through our telesales and business to business departments. ” In other words the money is shared.

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