Vasily Kasatkin

Quote from Dreams – A Russian psychiatrist who spent over forty years pursuing the question of dreams in relationship to the body, was Vasily Kasatkin, who worked at the Leningrad Neurosurgical Institute. Through his study of more than 10,000 dreams collected from 1200 people, Kasatkin developed a view of dreams that rejected the psychoanalytical view developed by Freud. He saw dreams as reflecting the person’s internal physiological processes, and their sensory and social experiences and situation. His book Theory of Dreams, was published in 1967, and summarised his findings.
Example: I was in a hospital. Doctors and nurses were about. I was led to realise my lungs were filling up with mucous or phlegm. The doctor said to me it wouldn’t affect me in a short term, but if I kept on smoking I would feel the effect badly in later life. The dream was so vivid I decided then and there to give up smoking.  Bunky.

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