Health Tips

Would you believe that

One cigarette destroys 25 mg. of vitamin C.

Lecithin can provide the same stick-free pots and pans that commercially marketed Pam does-and without propellants! (Just break open a lecithin capsule and see for yourself, or check the ingredients on the next can of Pam that you buy.)

Milk with synthetic vitamin D (which means almost all store-bought milk) can rob the body of magnesium!

People who live in smoggy cities are not getting the vitamin D that their country cousins get because the smog absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays!

Daily “happy hours” of more than one cocktail can cause a depletion of vitamins B1, B6, and folic acid!

In 2015 researchers found that alcohol is a major cause of Alzheimer. They found that there is not lower linit as even a small glass can be aiding your chances of the illness.

Ten million American women take oral contraceptives and most of them are unaware that the pills can interfere with the availability of vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and vitamin C!

American men rank thirteenth in world health, American

women sixth.

Cancer researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that vitamins C and E and certain chemicals called indoles, found in cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and related vegetables in the crucifer family, are potent and apparently safe inhibitors of certain carcinogens.

Vitamin B1 can help fight air and seasickness.

If you’re on a high-protein diet your need for B8 increases.

The Russians have found that vitamin B12 can ward off hangovers.

Eighteen pecan halves can furnish a day’s supply of vitamin F.

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