I Ching Example two – John

This second example involves John, whose main working tool is a computer. He needed to upgrade, and after a lot of consideration purchased an expensive model from a firm he had not dealt with before. This due to the fact he had only recently moved to a new home abroad, and had no experience of the manufacturers in that country. From the outset there were problems with the computer. It was returned to base three times. As he did not know the company John was very anxious about the outcome and wondered if the best thing was to ask for a refund. He thought perhaps he had purchased a dud machine. Here is his I Ching consultation after asking the question – ‘What is sage advice for me regarding the computer and its purchase?’

His throws defined hexagram 3 with the two moving lines – 1 and 4 – giving a transformed hexagram of 45.

Hexagram Three – Chun / Initial Difficulty

Hexagram Three

Chun (Pro: Jwên – vowel so short as to be almost non-existent ) – Initial Difficulty


Order and growth can arise out of confusion.

The difficulties you face can lead to power and success. Choose your direction with careful awareness. Then persist to reach your reward, not in a new direction but in strengthening the old.

The symbol of this hexagram is a blade of grass emerging from the soil and pushing against an obstacle as it grows. Therefore, although the difficulty in regard to the question is real, the obstacle can be overcome and success attained, despite difficulty at the outcome.

Do not be overly impatient in this issue, as this may hinder rather than help the progress toward resolution. Gradually bring order out of the tangle. Aim for a solution rather than for a deepening of the difficulty.

This is akin to an illness that seizes the body. But the body is not helpless to fight back. Its inner strength emerges and regains health. Therefore trust the internal power of regaining balance and moving on toward the positive.

But it is truer to see it as something coming to birth that has initial hindrances which are only temporary. Remember that what is being dealt with is still in its early stages and vulnerable. So care for the situation until it strengthens. This may take some diplomacy or care because of heightened feelings.

The Moving Lines

1 – Although uncertainty has arisen at the very start of the endeavour, do not make rash judgements or moves. Press on to consolidate the position. Keep to ones best.

4 – What is sought will not come quickly. But it can be attained with a period of waiting. Do not, however, give up the urge to get what you want.

Hexagram Forty Five – Ts’ui/Congregating

Hexagram Forty Five

Ts’ui (Pro: Tsway) – Congregating

It is a time to bring people and resources together for a cause. The man stands before the woman honouring her.

So one may stand in a temple or church in congregation, giving charitably and honouring the collective good.

While recognising dependence upon others, be firm in your goals and aid the unity of the assembly. A time of good fortune.

There is a need to recognise and support your relationship with the groups most important to you. This may refer to the family group, society, business, or a religious or political group.

The suggestion is that willing acceptance of our role in the group is necessary. Personal sacrifi

ce in this role is called for, leading to great good fortune.

If you are the central figure in the group, recognise the need for acting as a cohesive and uniting power. If you are not in this role, give support to whoever has this power.

Taking care to provide for the unforeseen in this brings success.

John felt the first hexagram, with its mention of trouble at the outset that could be overcome with diplomacy, really spoke to him. He relaxed and worked through the difficulties with the company, realising that with modern machines there are often initial problems due to configuration. The difficulties were in fact resolved.

The main difference between this new interpretation and most others is its flowing language and translation of symbols into clear meaning. In the old style expression many symbolical phrases are used, leaving the reader uncertain. As an example of this, here is a quote from the traditional way of expressing one of the Hexagrams:-

Hexagram Forty: Hsieh / Liberation

A Thunderous Cloudburst shatters the oppressive humidity: The Superior Person knows the release in forgiveness, pardoning the faults of others and dealing gently with those who sin against him.

It pays to accept things as they are for now. If there is nothing else to be gained, a return brings good fortune. If there is something yet to be gained, act on it at once.

Hexagram Forty/Line One: There has been no mistake. You are not at fault.

Hexagram Forty/Line Two: He kills three foxes in the hunt and wins the golden arrow. Great fortune if you follow this course.

Hexagram Forty/Line Two: He kills three foxes in the hunt and wins the golden arrow. Great fortune if you follow this course.

Hexagram Forty/Line Three: The porter carries his burden in a gilded carriage well beyond his means. This attracts not only the resentment of his peers, but bandits as well. Injury and humiliation ahead.

Hexagram Forty/Line Four: Free yourself from this useless dependence. A new and trustworthy companion will appear.

Hexagram Forty/Line Five: He escapes the traps set by inferior men, then treats the conspirators as comrades. By making them friends, he rids himself of enemies.

Hexagram Forty/Line Six: He calmly lifts his bow and picks off a falcon atop a distant tower. Such prowess breaks the spirit of his challengers. Nothing but good fortune from this point.


Now here is an example of the same Hexagram in flowing language with symbols interpreted:-

Hexagram Forty – Hsieh/Releasing

Hexagram Forty

Hsieh (Pro: Shee-ay; the second vowel rhymes with ‘Hay’) – Releasing

Tension has developed. Now is the time to discharge it. Recognise its source, and as with thunder clouds and rain, stay under cover to enjoy its benefits.

A period of difficulty and obstacles is in process of going. But do not enter into relationships or schemes requiring new adjustments or changes. Return to what is established and working well. As if one were released from a prison cell, return to the strength of the ordinary life. But it is not a time for inactivity. Strength is needed.

If advance is imperative hasten to the goal. When you achieve the release there is much to be gained.

If the situation is extremely fraught, and any rescue from it seems unlikely, stay on your guard, but a last minute reprieve is on the way. Deliverance from the tension that has existed is imminent.

In the release, as with falling rain, wash the slate clean. Let go of the attitudes that built up. This is a low point you must take time to rebuild from. Forgiveness may be a part of this. Many mistakes and regretful things may be done in a time of crisis. Recognise this and pass over.

If this can be handled successfully, there is great fruitfulness in the situation that follows. It can be a time of regeneration and a period of much growth.

Key words: Obstacles are melting. An enlivening energy arises and brings release. Let go of the darkness

active in the past.

1 – The crisis is past. Do not take to heart what has happened. Such feelings held within only produce withdrawal, when what is needed now is to actively cultivate the fertile situation arising.

2 – There has been a skilful dealing with several things or people being predatory or cunning in regard to the issue. This removes much of the danger that threatened, and brings recognition. Take a balanced responsibility now.

3 – Acting as if you were a lord or lady brings predatory interest which could prove unfortunate. Better not to continue in this.

4 – Be ready to leave a circle of people circumstances pushed you into. Now the situation has changed, move on to your natural circle, or else lose trust.

5 – Release from what is inferior in your life is not assured. Only by earnestly leaving behind what constrained you from past difficulties, can you deliver yourself. This will gain the confidence of the opposition, but may still be a lonely path.

6 – Great skill brings triumph in the situation, perhaps against an powerful opponent. Being in command means riding the ungovernable forces of life like a good horseman. Predators are dispatched. All is favourable.


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