Ain Soph – The Unknown God

by F J Mayers


Ain Soph – The Unknown God, was written in the first half of the twentieth century. I came across it while I was selling alternative books in the fifties. Although it is not easy reading the ideas in the book are transformative. I had never realised that the story of Genesis, of Adam and Eve, might be anything more than a simplistic creation myth. Mayers looks at the Hebrew language as a sign language, each letter having a meaning. So the name Adam, taken in this way, is not even a singular name. It is plural, and has nothing to do with an individual that God made, but rather a huge process underlying the emergence of human beings.

I offer the book here because I feel it needs to be read more widely. When I discovered the book it had been lying in a damp cellar for many years. I resurrected it and sold all the remaining copies. Here it is for the first time in electronic form.

Editors note – a communication from Jill Payne, granddaughter of F J Mayers

As I think I told you my grandfather was also a carpet designer and he designed the carpets for the Original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth ships, he also published a book on carpet design.   

He was obviously a religious man with strong beliefs and apparently was well acquainted with quite high ranking church men from various religions but in particular Judaism.   I understand that on a personal level he was very good friends with Stanley Baldwin the Prime Minister and in fact named one of his sons after him.  He was always friends with the Composer Elgar who I’m told taught my grandfather to play chess!

I know my Aunt has some of his manuscripts and also his diary which we had considered at one point putting in print but decided not too as we weren’t sure if anyone else apart from us would be interested as although we find him fascinating we are of course slightly biased! Jill Payne

What follows are 30 carefully researched chapters explaining every word of Genesis. I have attempted to synthesis what is said in The Secret Bible.



  1. Ain Soph
  2. Elohim – Creator
  3. God Created
  4. Heavens and Earth
  5. Darkness on the Face of the Deep
  6. Let there Be Light
  7. Dividing the Waters
  8. The Turning Point
  9. Lights in the Firmament
  10. Light for Signs
  11. Creation – Day Five
  12. God Made the Beast of the Earth
  13. Male and Female Created He Them
  14. The Sustenance of Life
  15. Seventh Day of Creation
  16. Creation of Heaven and Earth
  17. Formation of Adam
  18. Garden of Eden
  19. The Fourfold River
  20. The First Red Light
  21. The Loneliness of Adam
  22. Search for Helpmeet
  23. This Shall be Called Aisha
  24. Na-Hash the Serpent
  25. The Serpent at Work
  26. The Opening of the Eyes
  27. Adam and Eve’s Sentence
  28. Eve and Clothing
  29. The Sword Which Turned Every Way
  30. Guarding the Way of the Tree of Life


-Ian Campbell 2018-01-27 21:19:46

A fascinating book. Is there a way of contacting other people who are also interested in this subject?1

    -Tony Crisp 2018-01-28 14:59:20

    Ian – I don’t get much feedback from most of what I publish. I know my son Quentin tried to get a copy for a friend. You write to him at

    I personally feel the book is revolutionary.


      -Ian Campbell 2018-01-28 20:46:22


-Jill Payne (formerly Mayers) 2014-11-25 20:47:47

Hi Tony,
I really am so sorry I didn’t realise until now that you had replied to my comment I’m so proud and appreciative of your interest im my Great Grandfather. I can definitely help you with more information if you’d like to email me. I don’t know if you know but he was also a carpet designer and designed the carpets for both the Queen Elizabeth amd Queen Mary ships

-Tony Thornton 2013-04-23 22:19:26

Again, Mr. Crisp, I salute you! I have yet to dive into it, but the cover itself, fills me with a most agreeable sense of expectation. The chapter titles are some of the same, as a book I am currently working on, most notably, “The Sword Which Turned Every Way.” I won’t get much work done tonight, methinks.” See

-Jill Payne (formerly Mayers) 2010-09-09 19:40:02

I have just read your article and I was so glad to see that at last someone seems to have appreciated what my Great Grandfather was trying to put across.

    -Tony Crisp 2010-09-09 20:31:54

    Jill – I have wondered and wondered how I could find out more about your Great Grandfather. When I found the book it was like revelation to read it. and it as continued to be for me. So I am still trying to promote his work.

    So thank you for writing, and if you feel like telling me anything about your Great Grandfather I would be interested to hear. For instance I don’ even know what date it was published.

    Tony Crisp

    -Canter Pickerel 2010-12-31 8:52:53

    Indeed, it is great to see a relative of Mayers pop up unexpectedly. With the impact this book had on my life, I am curious to know a little more about this book, since it seems to be so rare. Truly it deserves much more, and Tony thank you for doing what you can to share an out-of-print and mostly unknown gem such as this.

      -Tony Crisp 2011-01-11 13:43:10

      Canter Pickerel – The Unknown God was also a bombshell of realisation and information for me too. Like you I wanted to know when the book was published and also any information about Mayers. I wrote but got no reply, so I have not pushed.


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