Big Bang and God are the Same

My consciousness was lifted up, causing me to feel as if my awareness also spread over the immensity of time, and from this condition I was shown the beginning of things.

I cannot say I saw this, more that I experienced the condition of the beginning. And this condition was the gathering together of what I understood to be a whole universe that had previously existed. All that had existed had come to such unity that although this beginning was physical, it was also, in its unity, a being. It had awareness.

As I experienced this I felt as if a resolution between science and religion had taken place in me. For here was something like the condition science suggests preceded the ‘big bang’. But what had been left out, I realised, was this consciousness, this immense being. For all life had here found a unity in one immense being beyond my comprehension. It was, in fact, difficult to grasp because I was overcome by emotion as I witnessed this.

As I opened to this enormous perception, there was a deepening of understanding, in which a great being aided my comprehension. For I realised that the oneness or unity of this being was unbroken. It was everything, and nothing could exist outside of it. Even if it were to create anything, that thing would not have existence outside of the one.

This condition of ‘all-one’ had led to a form of aloneness. This was as near as my human understanding could grasp. In this state it was explained to me – ‘You must understand, this is your perception of it.’ And the first act – according to the big bang theory – was the creation of time and space, for before that there was neither time nor space.

Out of this aloneness, this great consciousness had longed that other beings might exist. But in its present form this was impossible. Then I understood something that tore my heart to pieces, as it still does today when I dwell on the memory of the experience. This being purposefully went about destroying itself so that our present universe – we – might have existence. It was such a wondrous action for it was done in such a way, with such skill, with such love and self-sacrifice, such art and science, that its very death was a magnificent creative act. In other words its death struck into action forces and effects that created the universe in all its variety. This death is what we know as the ‘big bang’. The very special circumstances of the ‘death’ set in motion the forces that brought about a very particular universe. Without the particular influences set in motion there could easily have been a universe without any ‘space’ for individual awareness. It could have been a universe where everything was purely automated. It could have been many things.

As I experienced this, I realised that everything that exists is a part of that wondrous being. There is nothing that is not of its love. So that whatever arises in the universe arises out of, and as, THAT. The human sense of God is a realisation of the very substance of our own existence. The awe we might feel is from an intuition of what has been given us as our own being.

And as that great unity of energy and consciousness died, its very last impulse was for those new beings that might arise from its death. The impulse that flashed out we call love. It flashed through the universe permeating its every particle, in a way that we cannot yet perceive, but which is like a touch upon the pulsating chaotic movements of particles and lives.

We are the seeds of that love. We are seeds of Life. And in our small portion of the universe, we face a particular lesson through the shortness of our bodily lives. We face death. Yet that is the greatest of things. For that is the heart of everything, the very act of love out of which our lives have been formed. If we discover the secret of that, we discover our creator and eternal nature.

Because we emerge from a timeless and spaceless reality, there is no beginning or ending – now is the moment of creation – the first day is always with us.

But I saw that there are other creators, for many have evolved to the point of unity and creation, so  there are many different universes. Unfortunately I did not see these others.

“There is no ground of being in the factual science.  Science now tells us that every moment, in essence, is a new reality.” “In each atom, in each corpuscle, is life. Life is that you worship as God.” Cayce

Example: Hi Tony, my name is Rodrigo, from Mexico, and I just read your description of the Big Bang.

Two and a half years ago, I basically experienced in a dream what you describe in your “archetype of the big Bang” article. It was really strange, but I was bodiless entity floating in a completely black vacuum. I was just consciousness; since I don’t remember thinking “I’m still me”. I just was aware that I was aware. I was completely calm and in peace.

I was not alone. There was another entity there (if it can be called “there”), though it was also bodiless, and even though it didn’t talk to me, I knew it was there.

Then, the explosion out of that being, almost exactly as you describe… and for two seconds I experienced an indescribable bliss and this entity talked to me in a language different to words, just directly to my awareness. Did you ever have an experience where you understood a concept but couldn’t put in words and then the understanding and grasping of the concept you had just vanishes away in seconds? Well, this is what happened to me, but the concept I’m talking about was this: for two seconds, the entity made me understand the purpose of everything in the universe, the purpose of humanity, of all things, it all made so much sense… But I could only grasp the concept for those two seconds… and it was so overwhelming that I awake after that.

I haven’t talked much about this since then, since I don’t want to sound pretentious, and the few people I told didn’t quite grasp how I felt.

It left an important mark on me, and I have been trying to remember those 2 seconds since then, with no result… Why would anyone be told the purpose of the universe?? My guess is that deep within us, we all have it.

I wrote and asked Rodrigo if he could add anything to what he had written.

Hi Tony, its Rodrigo again… being trying to put it into words ever since… sorry I didn’t get in touch, of course you can use it any way you seem fit.

What I can remember in my thoughts was:
1. It has a LOT, if not everything to do, with love, as you also say. just not passion or lust, something way beyond that.

2. Learning is also very important. Every single day has something to learn from.  Lastly. in order to continue learning, we WILL reach the stars.

3. The whole purpose of it actually isn’t that complex… what I remember thinking was that “its so simple yet it couldn’t be any other way”
I wish I had more info, but I don’t want to extrapolate on vague feelings, the statements above are what I recall for sure.
It is interesting if you look at the diagram of the stages of the Big Bang that science says it took seven stages to bring us to where we are – so similar to the seven days of creation. Also there was no light in the emerging universe despite its immense heat. Then suddenly there is light – so similar to Let there be Light. See The Secret Bible


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