Do You Dream

Tony Crisp

Do You Dream was my first published book on dreams. I had been working with individuals on their dreams for some years, and had read and sold – through a bookshop I ran – quite a lot of books about dreams. So I wanted to write a modern rendering of the old Victorian books on dream symbols which were almost total nonsense. Unfortunately there are books still printed that reproduce such nonsense.

But the book was more than this, it gave practical tools to lay people enabling them to gain insight into their own dreams. It was certainly one of the very first to have a non-Freudian dictionary of dreams. Now there are countless dream dictionaries.

Do You Dream is still available at Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

A review of Do You Dream by Touchheart from Bay Area, CA USA

I found this gem almost 20 years ago and my copy is worn to almost uselessness from loaning it out and my own use. Excellent for good solid guidance on dream interpretation. Rather than narrowly offering one method, Mr. Crisp educates the reader about the influences at work in the dream environment and the many angles dream interpretation can be approached from. It is then up to the reader to use their own intelligence and instincts to come to a conclusion. Mr. Crisp doesn’t claim to “have all the answers” and he is generous with the knowledge he does possess. Now…where am I going to find a copy for my friend who very much wants to own a copy herself? (Mine no longer leaves the house!)


1. What did you dream last night 
2. What is a dream
3. Getting to grips with the dream 
4. Seeking to understand
5. The dream mystery explored 
6. The creative dreamer 
7. Active imagination 
8. LSD-hypnosis-meditation-the dream 
9. Tests of analysis 
10After understanding-what?
11. Using your dreams
12A dream sampler and sleep experience THE DICTIONARY

This was the original cover and was published in the UK in 1971.



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