Helping my Dead Grandma

Hi Tony,
A few years ago I was on holiday with my husband in Cuba and I had very vivid dreams about my Granny 3 nights in a row. Each morning I woke up, I commented to my husband how realistic the dreams felt, as if they weren’t dreams at all. The 3rd and final dream was the most significant. My granny appeared before me with the face she probably had as a young woman. It was like the visual version of her essence. She wasn’t old and wrinkly but smooth and radiating.

We spoke to each other in thoughts and she was unhappy and sort of crabby (like how she had been most of her life), In response to her emotional state, I tried to impart some wisdom to her about letting go of anger and accepting things as they are and feeling peace. Then she told me she had to go on a flight away and that she wouldn’t be back. I grabbed onto her legs and said that I wasn’t ready to let her go. We talked some more and then she began to get worried that she had missed her flight. I told her not to worry and led her to a meadow where my brother was. He said goodbye to her and we both led her into a small boat so she could ferry herself to the other side. I intuitively understood in the dream that my brother and I could not go with her.

Anyways, I told my husband about the dream and that I thought I should find an internet cafe somewhere to contact the family back home to see if Granny was all right. The next morning we arrived in Havana and found internet to check our emails and I found a message in my inbox from my Mom telling me that my Granny had passed away the previous night.

Having had that experience and not knowing that my Granny had died gave me assurance that it was more than just a dream. She had visited me in that liminal state to say her last goodbyes. It was in that farewell too, that I felt we had made a deeper connection than we were ever able to do together in the flesh. It was our naked spirits greeting each other with ego stripped away. What an incredible gift!

Please read Closer to the Light by Dr Morse, it will explain so much more. (


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