Honour Your Father and Mother

I started by imagining taking my father into my being, and that led me to realise as something like a near death experiences, where a person lives there life and gradually only the best is left – and the best in him will be an asset that enlarges you as a person. This is why it says that you should honour your father and mother. It say this because they are so much a part of you, as my father was, that if you do not sort it out until you find the best in them you will be left crippled. So, it isn’t accepting their weakness but almost like digesting it so what is healthy can be built into you, and what is not can be passed out.

We cannot take out the treasure we have been bequeathed if we are not willing to meet our mother and father, if we cannot find our way through old angers and hates, and pains.  If we cannot see beyond the limitations on weaknesses of our times; if we cannot tap the enormous cultural heritage that has been given us; if we cannot reach beyond that into the spirit of things, then we cannot inherit that vast treasure we have inherited.  If a person cannot do that then they cannot bring that treasure to awareness; they will never know the details of it.  But to know it is there, to honor it, is important.

It is important to honour those great men and women who have dug into the rock face of life and uncovered the gems and truths that are part of our heritage today.

The gems and truths that have been mined out of the rock face of life are quite simple truths.  We so often forgets them.  We forget these simple truths, and rush looking for something more.  Looking for something more than we already have.  We already have something so enormous it is beyond most of us to grasp.  Are the entertainments of the world so wonderful?  Are the plastic joys that are offered us, that we have to pay for, so great?  Are cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, really the answer?  Are they really the life you are looking for?  Are they the life you know within yourself is there?  It might just be through a threshold, through a little discomfort, a little tolerance, a little love that you discovers that heritage.  Perhaps we need a little less self righteousness.  Maybe we need to be able to say occasionally, “Oh, I’m sorry, that was me being a pig.  I do it sometimes.”

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