Life’s Difficulties

Hi all,

I work as a trauma therapist with refugees and have been overwhelmed at work. I had the following interesting dream lately and would like some help unfolding it…

Dreamt I am fascinated by a small angelic child in the waiting room of my office. Her mother is trying to place her on her brother’s head but it’s not working out. I ask if I can play with her. The mom says yes and leaves us alone. I take out my raccoon puppet and start to play with her feet. Right away the child, who is also somehow a very sweet and contented lamb lies down and rests. We lie together very cosy and content. I am surprised how fast she lay down. I see a beautiful orange butterfly. It lands on first the lambs face then my own face. It is a magical moment although I am slightly nervous as the butterfly tugs the skin of my face. I say Fai Ling (lamb’s name) do you see the butterfly?  I don’t have a camera to capture the moment. I am glad Fai Ling and I are alone with this moment.  Then I wake!

I am confused about what aspect of my life is failing…my sweetness? Any questions or nudges welcome. Thanks!

Camille – Moments are often so full of wonder and power. We cannot hold on to them for they are part of change. We cannot even often capture the magic with a camera, but we can remember them and let the memory live is us at times.

To quote from the Butterfly entry, “A butterfly can also be such a seemingly fragile creature, and yet can fly up to 2000 miles. So it can signify not only your vulnerable nature but also your wonderful strength.” You dream has so many moments of interactions and relationship, and ends in a magical experience. Yet you say you have a feeling of failure.

It might be that you cannot yet see the answer you have in you.

While recently leading a group practising movement, I was struck again by how creative we all are if given an environment in which we can allow our originality. One woman in the group, exhausted from the demands of her job, experienced deep relaxation out of which enthusiasm and pleasurable energy arose, leading her to dance and bathe in her own joy. A man explored his relationship with love, and saw that he needed to gather to himself the love he received from others to call out his own resources of affection. A woman who worked as a nurse met the painful emotions arising from observing the difficulties of a mentally retarded patient. Her creative movements led her to find a way of accepting the reality of life’s difficulties. The pain cleared and she felt was ready to give a more flowing response to others in difficulty.

The nurse experienced shifting her position and seeing that she could simply be her loving self, perhaps as you were with your angelic lamb. See Perhaps you can find you answer there.”

Another wonderful story is told where a single mother, trained as a nurse so she could apply for a post as a private nurse with a rich family. This was so her daughter could live with her in the house she worked in. After her training she applied and got exactly what she sought, nursing a man – but she never saw the patient.

When she did she was led into a room by her employer, and saw a cage around the bed and imprisoned in the cage was a man smeared with his own feaces, and obviously mentally retarded. The nurse was surprised but thought, “Oh well, lets get on with it.”

The patient was not dangerous, but when she opened the cage to start cleaning him, the moment she touched him she felt enormous disgust and revulsion. It happened each time although days past, and she felt that she would have to leave – but she faced a conflict because of her daughter was happy there.

She had read about Edgar Cayce, the amazing seer, and wrote to him explaining her situation. Cayce did a ‘Life Reading’ for her and said that she had been the patients mother several times, and each time she had pulled back each time he was meeting difficulties in his life. This resulted in his slipping deeper and deeper into slipping back into a mentally unstable state. Cayce went onto say that the man was almost losing his humanity, but if she could bear to care for him he would slowly turn around and move toward healing. See 

The nurse tried to do that and over months the cage was taken away, the man no loner smeared himself with his feaces. In fact he began to follow her around like a loving dog, with the same affection. Not long after that he died. And a follow up reading from Cayce said that the body he had was no longer suitable, because the man was now on a upward path in his evolution, and her loving attention was what the man needed.

Many of our life’s difficulties probably could be explained if only we had access to our full memories. See 



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