Questions Put to Tony

A great friend of mine – Chris Campbell – sat with me asking me questions while she recorded what I said. Of course the verbatim account was edited and so now I have the good fortune to look back on that time with Chris.

By the way – The picture shows a pilgrim breaking through the veil of our physical senses to discover the world of our Core.

Chris Campbell explained her reason for asking Tony to do this interview by saying, “When you (Tony) talk to my son about physics or metaphysics or simply questions that life throws up, he has always loved the particular way you explain things, so I wanted to capture, as naturally as possible, your responses to questions that have come up over the years and to have a record of them.

So here are a list of those questions and the answers Tony gave.


How would you describe the origin of things?

So what do you think of people who are considered very enlightened or who have special healing powers that have proved to be valid?

Enlightenment is usually seen as a fruit of the spiritual path or a spiritual life, so what do you see as the spiritual path?

When you mention the unconscious, what do you mean?

How would you describe what happens when you open yourself in that way?

You used to talk about Grof a lot. How do you connect his work with what you have said?

So, do you mean that they were remembering former lives? Or were they tapping into a collective consciousness?

Under what circumstances or conditions can we do those things?

Need that concept of death have the ideas of love attached to it?

And that enormous self giving in scientific or, physics terms, is what?

When you talk about Christ, because it is a term that has been hijacked by people, what do you mean?

I am wondering what you understand about the subject of life after death. What do you think happens to you when you die?

Do You Think we can Prepare for Death?

What is it like when we die?

You told me that when you were at my mother’s funeral something happened to you that was very impressive. What was that?

Do you then believe in reincarnation?

This has reminded me of something you talked about in regard to physical substance — matter. You said that modern physics has shown that we change it by looking at it. What are the implications of that?

Are There Parallel Universes?

Does the Breakdown of the Brain Mean the Loss of Personality?

Does the Mind Reach beyond the Body?

The Mystery of Parenthood

What are the Star Beings?

How can we know what our dreams mean?






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