Sorg – The God – Walks Among Us

I had a vision

I had a vision. I saw that Gods walk the earth. It’s happening now but we can’t see it. We fail to recognise who the gods are and how they pull at our life and draw us into something we are blind to.

The shades came off my eyes so I could see. I didn’t want to see. I pushed down the fear in my guts and pulled my soul round to face the direction we’re all moving in – I saw the future. I want to tell you what I saw, because it’s a hell of a thing to walk into alone.
Okay, so here’s what I saw

I saw that everything is alive. Things that we often don’t see as alive are as much a part of nature in its snarl for survival as a wolf protecting its cubs. There are creatures moving about the earth we don’t even notice as such, because they’re too big. It’s a bit like an ant crawling over our leg. We might be too big to recognise as something other than the landscape. And if we go up a notch and the ant is crawling on an elephant, how can it ever see the body it’s on? I stretched my soul so it was big enough to see these things crawling about and using people for their body.

You don’t believe me? Look, just see if you can follow me to a place where you can get a glimpse of these things. To do this I need to have you think about some pretty obvious things that you might not have put together to see where they lead. So I want to remind you of them and tell you to look along the line to see what’s at the end. Okay?

Your body for instance – if you took a few skin cells off it you couldn’t look at them and say they are your body. They come from your body but they’re not IT. Like lots of things in nature some amazing action brings all the millions of cells together in a working combination that is your body. The skin cells couldn’t get hold of a can opener and take the lid of a can. But if they’re still connected to all the other cells and working together there’s no problem in getting that lid off.

Life is powerful in a physical sense when it brings together lots of units and directs them to work toward some end. Everything from a bacteria to a huge whale works on this principle of cells grouping together. It’s how nature works. Life is good at it and has a tendency to push toward uniting things to create what are really huge organisms. One of the ways the life processes do this is like the army ants or bees. Although they are all separate individuals, they are all working toward the same end. Each little individual devotes its life to the working of the group, like cells in our body. When that doesn’t happen we call it an illness, cancer for example.

Bear with me on this. I went up like a ride in a helicopter hanging high over a city. From up there I could SEE it all. But I can’t do that for you, so I’ve got to describe the view as best I can.
The big ‘un

Okay, so you’ve got the idea of how life gets power by organising things. And remember as we look at the next thing that if you could get really small enough all the cells in your body would have spaces between them. They would not look as solid as you are used to seeing them. Right, so now look at a political party, it doesn’t matter which one, Republican, Democrat, Communist, Labour. If you stand way back far enough you can see a party is a huge organism made up of millions of cells working toward a goal.

And boy, if you stand in the way of one of these giant organisms, you’re going to get trod on worse than standing in the way of an elephant – believe me. They are huge, and they’re powerful and like the army ants, they spread over a big territory. Sometimes they fight, and that’s hell, because people are the cells that get injured, because it’s people who make up the body of these mammoths. They feed on people, they build their body out of people, they shit people. If you don’t believe me look for yourself.

Political parties, religious groups, giant companies, pressure groups, are all super organisms. That’s okay. It’s an everyday fact of life. But perhaps you hadn’t seen it before, and maybe it wasn’t your real choice to get eaten. Remember the promise of Christianity – to become a part of the body of Christ. Maybe that’s what you want. And each of these giant bodies offers advantages to individual existence. But they also want you to pay a price. Are you ready for that? Christ wants your soul, and so do some of the others. But a lot of them simply want your body and your conformity or passive accpetance.

Don’t forget, all of these are LIVING CREATURES. As such they defend themselves against attack like any other living body – like your body for instance. Every day you mutilate thousands of bacteria in the defence of your own existence. You don’t even notice it. The same with the super organisms. They fight anything opposing them, so don’t stand in the way!

If you’re still with me let’s climb up the hill a bit more. What we’ve looked at is old stuff. It’s been happening ever since life got going. Cells grouped together, and animals learned to herd in groups for extra power. From up the hill a bit we can see something new though. Old techniques but a new creature. And don’t forget when we look at this new monster baby, that nature has a tendency to ‘organise’ itself. Also, see if you can get out of the habit of seeing jungles and seas as realms of nature where biological life wrestles and thrives, but still believe that human cites and homes are something separate from this. If you can glimpse the super organisms in politics, then you can see that Wall Street and the City of London are just as much a part of ‘nature’ as any wilderness. Life doesn’t stop working at organising things just because we build a road and erect buildings with electric lights in. Wall street is a jungle just as much as the Congo.
Super Organisms

Just your existence as a modern person in today’s world, even if you are not in a body of one of the super organisms, makes you a part of a huge social order which is itself a super organism. Could you, like the old Red Indian, or the Australian Aborigine, live without the car, the refrigerator, the electricity, the factories making your clothes, the farming complexes growing your food and butchering it if you eat meat. Could you build your house? And if you could, without someone making gasoline for you, how would you prepare your timber, make your bricks and roof tiles? I don’t dispose of my faeces, medicate my sickness, build my house, make my car, sing the songs heard on the media; I don’t bury or cremate my dead, I don’t give birth alone or with my kin. Unlike the aborigine or the Inuit I can’t go walkabouts in the wild without vast resources backing me up. I am not self sufficient. Even attempts at self sufficiency within Western society are usually deeply dependent upon the system they are supposed to be independent of. The incredible magic we take for granted arises out of the huge creativity arising from co-operation within the massive organism you were born into, and the body of which you are a cell.

Like the cells in your own body, you – if you are a contributor and not someone who sits on your arse with your hand out – only work at a small area of what is created and done in our society. Like a muscle cell you might only lift and pull all day while other cells carry nerve impulses or gather and process food. The Aborigines and Indians weren’t specialists in the way modern humans are specialists. You and I are no longer self sufficient. We were born within this super organism, and we have a symbiotic relationship with it. The super organism is like our body, which existed before the present skin cells were born, and will live when they die. The super organism of which you are a cell in its body, pre-existed you, and will carry on living when you die. It has an existence of its own. It’s a living creature in its own right. Just as the cells are almost totally dependent on the magical factor that keeps them all working as a co-operating unity. Likewise, we are also dependent on the MAGIC of co-operation.

So we exist within something that is itself a huge living being. Just a little bit further up the hill and we can see what this giant creature is developing into, and how within it gods are walking the earth. I saw that this being is incredibly old. Human beings have felt its power at times, yet not really seen its form, or worshipped it as God.

After all, our whole life exists within it, and it’s our creator and supplier of needs. But I can’t grasp all of it.

Humans have always extended their powers in some way. When Spanish conquerors appeared in South America riding horses, the native people thought they weren’t human, that they were gods. The native people hadn’t previously seen this connection between man and beast. The Spanish had extended their ability to move across terrain by riding horses, a common practice in the Old World. This ability to extend ourselves is ancient, as with stone axes, bows, spears, boats, and later guns, cars, planes, and so on ad infinitum.

This drive to extend ourselves, and our life within the super organism of human society, is the womb and tits giving birth to and suckling a new type of human person and society.

Remember as we now come into view of the future, that when a significant extension of an individual within human society occurred in the past, it radically changed how human beings experienced themselves, and human society. For instance the horse and boat extended the range of food gathering, conquest, trade, and exchange of information. The printing press amplified one individuals ability to communicate enormously. It enabled groups to promulgate ideas. The radio amplified the human voice so it could be heard simultaneously by millions. The television has projected the human image so that one person can be known across the world.

It’s not those things in themselves I focused my attention on. It’s where they are leading to and what the super organism is doing with them.
The magic powers

Take someone like the US president. If we place him or her in a desert alone like an old aborigine, without any modern equipment, he or she might soon die. If they had lived within an Aboriginal community they might have become an elder within the tribe. But because of the super-organism in which they were raised and live, they have a much greater connection with enormous numbers of people.

In fact, the present president is a totally different being because the super organism in which they exist has developed enormous technological aids in extending itself. Compared with the Aborigine group, the president has god like powers to extend their influence. If the president landed in ancient Mexico in his private jet they would hail him as a god. The president can appear to millions of people at the same moment and speak to them; he or she can travel to any part of the world; their thoughts and words have great influence; their decisions are augmented not only by her/himself, but also by a huge network of other human beings all over the world. His image, his words, his deeds are all recorded and will exist as an influence long after he or she is dead physically.

When the president is in the society or organism of his birth, but also when he is ‘plugged in’ or connected to the controls of the super organism of his political party, he IS a god being. His ideas are known and implemented. He is the centre of a flow of money and opportunity. He is a media figure, a politician, an entertainer. He is locked into an enormous body which flexes at his command and touches people and events all over the world.

The person we know as the president is not just a normal human being. If he were, most of us would never have ‘met’ him. He is a technological and social phenomena. He is a human being who has been enhanced and extended enormously to god-like proportions. If he were uncoupled from these enhancements he would revert to aboriginal existence. So would we all, because in lesser degree we all share these enhancements.

Can you begin to see it? We are all enmeshed in a vast living process that is no longer just biological. It’s now bio-mechanic-chemico-electronic. Our ecology is a vast biological, mechanic, chemical and electronic process.

Don’t pull back. Keep your eyes on the creature and watch it. It IS NOT UNNATURAL. It isn’t a spawn of the devil. It is nature at work creating something new on our planet.

The fact is, there is nothing super-natural in the world, nothing outside of reality. The present environment into which human beings are interwoven, is as natural as the manufactured wax combs of a bee colony, or the paper colony of a wasp, or the giant and complex structures manufactured by termites. Just as the wax is part and parcel of the cycle of life and death of a bee, so the electronic and chemical environment of human beings is integral to us at the moment.

Now here is where we can see what future is emerging out of the present direction.

There are obviously forces of construction, creativity and co-operation in nature, and there are obvious forces of destruction, disintegration and death. When something does not succeed or grow it is overtaken by forces of ruin. This is true of cells, plants, animals, as well as humans and social groupings. The super organisms mentioned are not outside the most fundamental forces of nature, which are creative and destructive.

When I was up there at helicopter height looking back at human life, I saw an influence pressing us into ever greater and more complex unity. But this new level is making us as people part of a world-wide web of integrated social and electronic connections. The new super organism has built electronic circuitry into its body. It’s bursting the boundaries of its old domain and becoming international. This jump to a vastly greater size is enabled by the technology it incorporates. So if we take people as the cells in the body of this huge super-organism, they constitute the living soft tissue, but the nervous system are being formed of the computer driven information and the information and control highways emerging at the moment.

And if we’re not blind, we will recognise that the equipment we have created is part of our greater body now. The scary bit is that the huge organism we are incorporated into is more than we are ourselves, just as the body is greater than the cell.
The great SORG

Just as the cell is driven in some of its activity by what the personality desires and does, so we’ve got to realise we will be driven by urges arising in us that are not from out of our own isolated mind – because our mind is not isolated. Overall our direction arises in large measure from the drives being pushed by this new world wide super organism – SORG. Can anybody tell me which single person is driving the huge change to the technological rewiring of our whole planet? What one nation? What individuals are responsible? Who’s planning all this? Think about it.

Maybe what I saw is a distorted viewpoint. I don’t know. But it’s worth wondering if Sorg, the Big One we are cells in the body of, is ordering a huge overhaul, a refit with new wiring and electronic controls.

In our body the Whole communicates with the Part – and vice versa – through various processes, including brain, nervous system, hormones and glandular products. The Whole of Sorg communicates with the Part in the form of other human beings, or directly as urges arising from within oneself.

Particularly it communicates through the influence of leader figures and recorded information, music and films, through the various forms of media communication. In this century the spread of media communication has brought about more world integration and dissemination of life style imagery and life direction views than at any previous time.

From my birds eye view, my mind opened like a fertile flower. I could see that Sorg is pushing for an advance in the technology and dissemination of media outlets. I particularly saw that the television screen will quickly become bigger and bigger, because this is the main thrust of communication between leading figures and the mass of cells within Sorg.

Sorg is developing so fast my vision couldn’t keep up with where it is heading, but some things were clear. There is Sorg, and there are the super augmented – Saugmen and Saugwomen – people with special functions within what Sorg is driving toward. Then there are the general means of communication via TV, the internet, and the world of entertainment in general. The aim as far as my vision stretched, is a world-wide super-organism, integrated by media and communication highways, and directed by magnificently augmented human beings who will be a mixture of athletes, entertainers, politicians and financiers.

The interaction of these different facets formed the vision of the future I experienced.

At the moment Sorg is still waking up. It’s just beginning to gain the foundations of a form of consciousness we have not seen on this planet before. When it does wake up it will grip and direct human life in a way we can’t even suspect at the moment. The only possible way we can avoid the massive manipulation of the Sorg and the Saugmen and Saugwomen, is to attain a new level of awareness ourselves. One which recognises and matches the forces of Sorg.

The laws of the jungle still apply here. The most daring, sexual, reproductive, intelligent of the species will grasp the leading roles in this emerging drama. The rewards will be that standing in this enormous and augmented energy flow will bring tremendous influence and possibilities of reproduction and financial reward. The Saugmen and Saugwomen will be god-like in the power and influence they wield, standing next to Sorg itself. They will be super athletes of a new order. They will be the stars of a form of Olympics that is just beginning to emerge. An Olympics that joins finance and political power with sexual attraction and intellectual fitness expressed in a media format already showing its beginnings in world wide television coverage.

I believe the planet is re-forming itself, creating a bio-electronic life form that will change the face of the earth. New gods will arise within humanity, and they will be the voices of change, led by the driving forces of Sorg. The female force and vigour will be one of the most powerful tools used by the waking Sorg. Feeling the power of female sexuality in its new and augmented form, some leading women will become the expression of nature sucking back from the human race what has been ripped out of their mother – the Earth. What a bitch she will be! People have tried to control nature. The waking giant will grab people by their most basic drives and greeds and build them into its own body. The stars of the show, the elect of God, will be those who can ride the wave of media expression money and sex. The losers will be the wankers who have nothing to give and have never given it anyway!

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