A Realisation I Had Today

A realisation I had today, while watching the news – a guy in his late sixties was talking about his prostate problem and said when he peed large clots of blood popped out. He said it really scared him.

I have had this several times, because I had the operation on my prostate, I passed clots almost the size of hazel nuts, and I never felt any fear. It makes me think that knowledge is a powerful protector, because my training as a nurse enabling me to realise that a small capillary had burst, and bright red told me it was near the exit and I wasn’t in any danger.

Also I feel that imaginatively acting out things, like losing a limb or dying, (maybe you have to do it again and again until you feel at ease with it) does the same thing. This morning my sight wasn’t working well. Large areas of my vision were missing, so for instance I couldn’t see the time on the clock. I felt that if it gets worse I might lose my sight. Having imagined this several time and come to terms with it, because I have only one good eye, it didn’t scare me, although it made going down the stairs tricky.

Also my view of sight made me realise that the brain is the great interpreter, and it wasn’t working properly (my reading about the brain and sight). So I wondered whether I hadn’t got all my ‘cylinders firing’ so did some squats, about thirty to get my heart pumping a bit faster, getting blood to my brain and eyes. It worked so well my sight became normal quickly.

My thought is to read and imagine intensely about how you actually work and how to adjust if things go wrong? See Life’s Basic Functions – Learn Anatomy & Physiology

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