Dear Me

By Brenda Blake

My dear Me – I am writing this to you as I wish to see you out of emotional and mental pain.

I can speak to you with real knowledge of you as I am you, the deeper and wiser you.

I want to tell you that I have great love for you and proud of the path you have taken and been true to for all these years.

Your knowledge is vast, your love and compassion also.

It pains me that you do not recognise this and own it. It’s as if you have glimpses, then moments when you let it go so I am writing to you not just to remind you of this greater being that you are, but to try and get you to stay with me always you know that looking outside for your answers does not work, that it is within the you that you think you are.

Though there have been several moments of knowing how vast- endless you really are.

I want you to surrender your painful emotions and thoughts to me, believe me when I say you will not feel empty or lost.

I have and always will be here with you, I know in your moments of silence you know that, and I know that you trust me completely.

You have been willing to work with me since childhood when you asked me to show you your shadow, not labelling who you asked, but followed my teachings regardless.

Trust me again as your life unfolds as the pain is taken away as the feelings of having to do it all on your own dissolves.

And you are reborn.


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