My Inner Male

By Anna

I am my own experiment 🙂

On a deeper level I have become aware of how I create my own inner world, which also includes my inner male.

What can be said about the inner male – and so the man in my dreams – is:
The animus is a synthesis of all my male contacts and:

The man in my dreams is nearly always an aspect of my own feelings, hopes and fears. Even if it is someone I know well, the dream image is never that person. It is certainly an image I have built out of my memories, my views of that person, my likes, dislikes and insights.

Given the fact that “he” is an energy/an inner life form that I have created using parts of all the men in my life as building stones, it becomes clear that I can rebuild him in a way which enables me to join with him in a loving way.

I am aware that more often than not I have felt a victim of my own inner world and my own inner male that I have created, merely because I was not aware that I am the creator.

I merely felt that my inner world was determined by my past and something very solid and dense and so not easy to transform.

So I did not see my little self/(inner)body as a bunch of thoughts, which changes easily with me changing my thoughts.

Using the Power Dreaming approach on the beach helped me to realise how easily my (inner) body responds to my decision to “walk into the bullets”, knowing that they can hurt me not.

I felt wonderfully open when I entered the pool after this “bullet walk” and this result made me aware what a powerful tool imagination is and how I can change my inner story and my feelings by using it CONSCIOUSLY.

I am aware now that I am creating my inner world ALL THE TIME and that it serves a great purpose to become aware of the stories I create by also “catching the thoughts that move more or less secretly just beneath the surface.

I can only decide to change my creation when I become aware of what and how I create.

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