As for the future of mankind, shortly after the year 2000 A.D., a power will manifest itself to the world to usher in a new era, a one thousand year period of world peace and righteousness, the age of Aquarius (the water-bearer).  The end of the Age of Pisces (the fish, the symbol for the Christian church) is upon us.  But before peace and righteousness comes, the earth will undergo catastrophic disasters upon civilization.  These disasters will force mankind to once again rely on nature, God, and other people to create harmony and stop all war, evilness, and end the continuing desecration of this planet.  As in the days of the dinosaurs, civilization also experiences a process of evolutionary renewal from time to time that leads to perfection.  The earth has a mind of its own and it cleanses itself of impurities as a single organism does. (Edgar Cayce)
The world is now going through a huge transition presaged by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero Aquarius on the winter solstice in December 2020. A few years ago, it seemed impossible to know what this would mean, and how such a transition could take place. But then the 2020 pandemic arrived. It shook every country in the world, not just through fatalities, but by changing the habits and rhythms of everyone’s daily lives. Those in privileged positions worked from home and still enjoyed a healthy economy. Others risked much more as essential workers and had to expose themselves to the corona virus daily. Many simply lost their jobs. Many went hungry and are still hungry. The pandemic precipitated the biggest economic crisis in modern history. (Adrian Duncan WOW Astrology)
 With the Reformation, and the growth of individual thought, the Intellectual element commenced to enter religion, and that element has been and is still growing and developing as we enter on the “Aquarian” era, of which we must now say a little. “Aquarius,” as we have said, is an “Air” sign. It has to do with Mind and Intellect and the “outpouring” of knowledge and new phases of truth. It is not directly a religious sign. It brings no new great religious movement or cult, but it will do a great deal towards a new understanding of all past religions; it will unravel much that has been obscure, misunderstood, and mysterious in them. It will rediscover much old, forgotten truth, and the sources of old failures. It will deal with Religion, less as a matter of creed and dogma than as a universal unfolding and development of moral and spiritual qualities in mankind. In that way it will bring the world nearer to the essence of all religion. It may bring regrets to those whose souls are bound up with what they have loved in the past – old memories that are so unspeakably dear, and ever call to us from the deepest deeps of life. It is always so hard to fling away “Excalibur,” but the hand that brought “Excalibur” out of the deep for the use of man takes it back again only to re-temper and re-polish it for other hands to wield-the hands of the new “Rex futuris.” Meanwhile, “Aquarius” has much to do with scientific developments. Uranus is the “ruling planet” of Aquarius. In this direction the Aquarius symbol is specially significant. The sign is very young yet, but already in the XXth century, we have been inundated with “wave” and “vibration’ theories-and their applications to many practical uses. The world little dreamed hundred years ago that invisible “waves” and “vibrations” could be transmitted and even directed through space for thousands of miles, picked up again at will, and transformed into sounds and pictures or printed messages; that rays of invisible light could be sent through solid, opaque objects to print photographic images for the use of the anatomist or surgeon. (Fred Myers from The Unknown God – https://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/lights-for-signs/)

Fred has left us the fruits of his great mind. Here is a communication from Jill Payne, granddaughter of F J Mayers.

As I think I told you my grandfather was also a carpet designer and he designed the carpets for the Original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth ships, he also published a book on carpet design.

He was obviously a religious man with strong beliefs and apparently was well acquainted with quite high ranking church men from various religions but in particular Judaism.   I understand that on a personal level he was very good friends with Stanley Baldwin the Prime Minister and in fact named one of his sons after him.  He was always friends with the Composer Elgar who I’m told taught my grandfather to play chess!

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