Black Americans or Black Race



If you are black, most of you have been purposely deceived or lied to by the white race, which presents itself as the originator of culture. But the truth is that the black race were not only the original people, the ancestors of all the white, yellow and red races, but they were the originators of culture.

The black race had the first writing, the first understandings of human origins, the first mines dug. True the white race and yellow race took it and developed it as it flowed through Egypt and the East, but they were standing on the shoulders of the black people.

Of course it has been kept out of the news and history books – but please read The Lightning Bird: The Story of One Man’s Journey into Africa’s Past by Lyall Watson.

Find it in the USA or in the UK

If you are black – here is a magnificent unfoldment of who you really are at your roots.



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