Debi Wanted to be Dead

Quoted from Russell Lynn’s book, The Wonder of You: What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself – If you wish to own the book see  The Wonder of You

Debi wanted to be dead. She said she was depressed and fed up with life and humanity. She explains she was very aware killing herself was wrong but, by that time she simply did not care. She was in pain and wanted the peace of oblivion. She had lost all hope her life would ever get better and was aware that what she was doing would cause her death; it was not an accident.

“I did not die. You will not die.

My body was dead. I was still alive. I knew it then, and I know it know, as a truth. My body stopped working. The self I am did not.

I tried to understand what was happening to me; I was still me. I was, apparently, alive. I could not see myself. I could not raise my hand to look at it, but I was something-I still felt ‘myself’.”


This fellow drowned himself during a time of depression. He does not tell us much of what led up to his actions, but the learning he gained is enlightening.

“Suddenly in the void, I heard a voice. A male voice that said, “It’s okay, it is all right, it is all good.” I went from totally terror to total peace and acceptance of my life and responsibility. I was no longer worried about heaven or hell or my death. This voice accepted me and did not judge me. I, in a way accepted myself and clearly had an instant of understanding of my life and how important it is to play our lives out to the end, regardless of how hard it is, and get off ourselves and be in the company of each other to help each other. That abyss was total separation from all. I was in the I AM.”


I saw that I, myself, had designed the life I would be leading before voluntarily coming into this world and that my freedom within a physical body was to be found only by consciously cultivating happiness, because I had designed or chosen my own destiny before taking on a physical body.


Love is the prevailing force at all times, no matter how things may appear in this world of duality and illusion. It is merely a hologram— created by the collective consciousness— for the sake of growth and evolution.


Her awareness of her brother’s presence from out of state brought the realization of how serious her illness was. A short time before she died Karen felt herself fading and asked God, “Please don’t let my brain turn off.” Moments later she was filled with answers.

“I remember feeling like my brain just opened up and all the answers to life were right there flowing through my head so quickly, like all the troubles of the world (not just mine) were all going to be okay. I remember feeling amused that everything, and I mean everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world was all in control. It was all planned and almost wasn’t even real. Geralyn was thirteen years old.”


Bridget was in a serious car accident in which her vehicle rolled and landed on top of her and she died. Bridget tells us a delightful account of how she had always known the Creator because as a child as she used to play games with God by asking questions about the universe and then flying through the cosmos to find the answer. For that reason, when she died she was not surprised to find herself filled with vast amounts of knowledge.

“And I got really excited and started asking questions like a small child. What about aliens? And parallel universes and life on other planets and UFOs and, and, and… That’s when I perceived a great yet quiet chuckle of amusement and like a pat on the head I was given the Source into the top of my head. It was like a giant stream and when my head was stuck inside of it I could see from the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of everything and nothing. I saw the entirety of the universe from its big bang to big stop to big bang and to big stop; I had the memory of the universe. I understood cosmology, biology, spiritualism, consciousness, being, non-being, physics, mathematics— basically I knew everything there is to know and un-know. God is everything that can ever be and everything that can never be at the same time and I am human so I can only understand it in human terms. Even the best of humanity is still human and everything will be anthropomorphic.”

See Big Bang and God are the Same – Dimensions of Human Experience


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-05-07 1:08:17

I had a strange dream about a sign. I was using Google & I was looking for a restaurant that was near my old middle school. It had a name Neumayer- hyphened with another last name… I went to search the second time, as I was looking for a vegan burger(not vegan but I love vegan burgers) & I hit this stop sign(instead of ‘search’) as the search bar no longer was there. The stop sign wasnt normal tho, it had a no entry white line on it, with no “stop” written on it. as I clicked it it evolved like Pokemon do & it disappeared with a green sign (circular) popping up & it searched. In the end I cooked my own vegan burgers, because I didn’t find it on Google.

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