Dream Interpretation

This book was carefully crafted with a team – I wrote it but the team designed and thought out the way it has been presented. It has been published in various European languages. It is a beautiful book because of all the illustrations it contains. It was even chosen by Readers Digest as their dream book.

It is published by CICO Books.

Research shows that we dream four or five times each night and that while we dream we extend our experimental life span. It’s as if we are actually living through what we are dreaming. The ability of the mind to play with experience or information – to rearrange it in different guises and forms – is fundamental to human creativity and healthy emotional functioning. And knowing how to interpret your dreams can empower you to leap into a life filled with possibility. Dreams often reveal to us what we fail to see about ourselves while awake.

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Dreams show us what we might be realizing about our life and future , without being consciously aware of the knowledge. They unveil things that lie beyond the boundaries of the five senses. But the information they contain is sometimes obscured in strange images or feelings.Using the easy-to-understand techniques presented within “Your Dream Interpreter”, you will gain new insights to help you transform the way you live and learn how to free yourself from past hurt and pain. But more than anything, knowing how to interpret your dreams correctly will help you to achieve your own amazing potential.

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