Dream Yoga

This book was inspired by the thousands of dreams you have sent me over two years. I learned such a lot from the dreams that I felt there is a short cut if we understand how dreams work. It will cut out so much anxiety and is an entrance into a new  pathway of spiritual growth. There is a small version of this on the site, but I have written a much enlarged and improved version. The site version is only 4000 words long, and this new version is 33000 words.


Dream Yoga

By Tony Crisp

I have shown in the book how dreams have been used as a path in yoga for centuries. I have experimented with this path for at least 40 years, and have written it up in modern language. It is now published in eBook format.

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Daily we pass through an extraordinary change that we often take so much for granted we miss the wonder of it. The change occurs between sleeping and waking. For most of us being awake is when we most fully feel ourselves. Compared with this sleeping is a period during which we lose any focused awareness of being an individual, and we sink into what is generally called unconsciousness — the lack of personal awareness.

This swing between waking and sleeping can be seen as the extremes within the possibilities of our experience. Sleeping and waking are the polarities, the North and South Poles of what we can confront. In quite a real sense we can say there is nothing beyond what is included in those polarities. Nothing is present for you if you lack consciousness.

One of the well-known ways of discovering what lies within the obscure depths of sleep are to explore the resources of one’s dreams; when this is done the apparently black depths of sleep begin to reveal an amazing life and energy. Light is taken into the darkness. Things become visible that were hidden. What was unconscious begins to become known; the huge area of our experience that seemed to be a blank gains life and substance. Then the unconscious is recognised as an area as vast and varied as the physical world. In fact the unconscious becomes conscious, and that is a major aim of yoga. [ii]


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[ii] See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/levels-of-awareness-in-waking-and-dreaming/ and http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/rudolph-steiners-philosophy-of-life-and-death/ for more information about the levels of awareness.

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