Face to Face With the Future

YOU now face unprecedented change!

Change seldom comes in the form we have previously visualised or imagined it. Unprecedented change will have one hell of a lot of unexpected features in it.

There have been a lot of books, business seminars, life coaches, and inspirational speakers, telling us how to create our own future; how to organise and direct change. But what about the unexpected? What about external and internal forces pushing us? How do you prepare for the unknown? How do you learn to adapt well?

This is a book about the enormous changes the future faces us with, and what we can find in ourselves to deal with what comes. It describes how to access your innate creativity, and the many dimensions of your ability to survive and realise what it is you have been denying in yourself. One of its chapters deal with moving through and beyond the difficulties of love and relationship.

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Recently it has been pushed in our face how little prepared the most powerful governments and organisations were for the banking and economic collapse worldwide. So let’s not look to the governmental or business guru’s for help to face what comes. They were the ones who failed to prepare for that. The same is true of the global warming. Our whole culture worldwide is one that lives for our individual advantage.

See my own insights gained in 2003 – Prophecies.

You must have seen this massive build up of change coming if your view of life is wider than your own personal affairs, your next month’s salary and the big bonus you were aiming for. Let me remind you of what you are already aware of in some degree and have perhaps overlooked.


1) All Change

2) The Time of the Lion and the Bull

3) The Nature of Change

4) Life’s Little Secrets

5) Dreaming a New Life

6) Standing Free

7) Martial Art of the Mind

8) Growing Up to Love

9) Wounds Let In the Light

10) Prophecies and 2012

11) Tools of Change

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