Interview With A Sex Worker

I met a young women and we became friends, meeting occasionally. She was also smiling and good company. It was only after I had known her for a couple of years that one day she said to me, “I want to tell you something.” I sat down and said okay. Then without any preamble she said, “I have been on the game and I wanted you to know.”

Having grown up in central London, when prostitutes were everywhere in Soho, and having been friends with one, I didn’t show any shock. So this friend felt easy about talking about her life and experiences.

That was how I came to have the chance to interview her. And below is a verbatim report of that interview.

Interview with a Sex Worker

Here is a frank and honest  conversation with a sex worker. She describes the secrets she found about men and their wants. But most amazing she describes some of men’s vulnerabilities. I feel many men should read this.

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