Life In Us Is At Work All The Time

Work is fundamental to life. Everything works. You wouldn’t exist if the cells in your body didn’t work. If they didn’t contribute their lives, if they didn’t love each other, if they didn’t give themselves wholeheartedly to what they are doing, you wouldn’t have life. When they do not work you have illness.

That is real love. What are you doing? What are you giving? It doesn’t matter what it is. Listening to somebody, helping them, sweeping the road, clearing up a mess, unblocking a toilet – whatever it is you are part of this living body of life. Be a proud part of it. Feel your connection with it. Take care with all the little things you do. Then respect yourself as part of the whole. Demand to be respected as well. You are not an unimportant part. It is also important not to sell yourself short by not trying to live your innate love. Give it out.

The brain will not function without the blood cells, or the heart, or the liver. Neither would society function if the basic workers failed to give their effort and care to what they are doing. Some leaders of industry might act as if they are the centre of the universe, but their effectiveness is based upon the work of thousands of people supporting them. And in turn it might be that the blood cells would have quite a dull existence without the excitement and pleasure provided by the genitals, or the emotions.

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