The Eye of Dreams

By Tony Crisp

It took me forty years of experience and exploration to write this book.

The reason is that I was constantly exploring the limits or boundaries of the mind. In fact in recent scientific statements I see some of the findings I defined many years ago now stated – but in what I have written in this book I go steps further.

As I say in the introduction: The journeys I took, alone or with others, led into realms of experience that comparatively few people know exist. They are realms in which the world, our life and preoccupations, are seen from completely new perspectives. In those realms we move beyond thoughts and conjectures, interpretations and dialogue, into the jungle and mountain peaks of the direct experience of what was previously unknown to us – into passions, torrents of energy, oceans of awareness, castles of ancient defence and aggression, into the river of time. They are realms of experience that are incredibly creative, containing treasures equally as fascinating as any tomb of Tutankhamen.

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Fundamentally the book takes us to the frontiers of human thought, and it is that that brings us freedom – freedom from the habits that rule us, release from the fears that dominate us even in our dreams, the freedom from the thoughts and beliefs which are our masters, the awful ordinary lives that are the causes of so much pain.

Chapter Headings

Through the Eye of Dreams How dreams can be as valid a means of exploration and discovery as the microscope or telescope

The Standing Wave – Our body and mind are like a standing wave that persists although it is constant change

Liberation – Liberating ourselves from the crushing habits, the prison of beliefs and fears is possible.

Religion Society and Identity – We as a person are not the the independent being we often like to believe. We are made up of what we surrounded by; social beliefs, parental influence and religious beliefs – even though we fight them.

Sex, Marriage and Relationships – A critical look at what constitutes love and relationships

Growing up – The Maturing Process – The most important task that faces us in transforming our selves and the world.

Work, Destiny and Meaning – Many of us fail to find that all consuming interest; yet we all have it.

Secrets of Mind and Spirit – Many of us live a life within tight walls we cannot see beyond. Here is proof that we are more than we ever believed.

The Way In – The ways to find liberation and seeing beyond the walls of our physical senses.

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