The Hidden Bible

This is a new realisation about Genesis. We thought Genesis was a fantasy and fairy tale dreamt up to make people have a fantastic view of God. But science has only recently managed to say something exactly what Genesis told us thousands of years ago

Let me explain so you too can see it for yourself. God created the Earth so we were told, but first it says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The name “Elohim” is one of the many different names, each with a clearly defined meaning, which are applied in the Bible to “God” considered under various aspects. But Hebrew was a misunderstood language and translators did not understand that each letter of the Hebrew language had very definite meanings as Alpha and Omega does in Greek. But when looked at in this light Elohim does not translate as God but gods.

So it can be said that “Elohim” as “He – the – gods,” or “the Unity of gods,” or “the Activities of the Eternal One,” i.e., God expressing and revealing Himself outwardly in creative activity. For the creative forces that created the universe were unknowable. Exactly as science says about the Creation in it theory of the Big Bang. For it says that unknowable Something created and explosion and Natural Forces worked toward making the universe know possible.

That was the first thing, but the second was, “darkness was on the face of the deep; and the Spirit of the gods – natural forces moved – upon the receptive forces – which I changed to try to give it its original meaning.

Therefore, at the risk of making many mistakes, I will give a free rendering.

That which moved not and remains always unknowable expressed out of itself seven creative forces. There was conceived within the one purpose of these the plan and living spiritual reality of the whole cosmos. From beginning to end, all existed as divine realities in this conception. But, it was not yet made real in time, space and motion. But the creative energies began to bring into being the forces and archetypes that would be the spiritual body upon which the physical universe would later hang.

The basic receptive substance of the universe was in darkness, chaotic and unmoulded, as yet without form. All the elements of existence were in chaos and unknown. But the creative forces extended into the unformed. Beyond time and space the divine energies caused a great symphony of vibratory energy to express. The Word, which through its patterns of vibrations would be the pattern of creation.”

Science states that after the creative explosions the universe was in darkness for 300,000 years. Then,  “Electrons combine with protons and neutrons to form atoms, mostly hydrogen and helium. Light can finally shine.” Let There Be Light.

“And the forces of nature worked to create light so Let there be light, and there was light’.

“And on the seventh day the gods ended their work which had been made; and the rested on the seventh day from all their work which they had made.”

A day is translated as a period of time, and science points out that it took it took seven great periods pf  change to reach the situation we know know.

Here are uncovered all the ridiculous myths we have been taught, such as the demeaning of women in the Bible, and the fact that Adam is not an individual but a force in nature – and ADAM is both female and male. Here it is all explained, along with description of our status as fallen angels who are learning how to rise again through many lives. also the influence of heavenly bodies on our fate and fortunes.

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