A New Being

I came upon it in my wildest moments,

Watching my friend move through

The strange geography of death.

He had passed through the terrain,

Over rocky places and over frontiers

Of the mind and of the soul,

Ever upwards toward the Spirit

Of it all.

Until I saw him spreading,

Reaching, no; Being everywhere.

And it hadn’t been easy or without trial.

And now here he was – Startling,

Immense, and being everywhere

He was felt rather than seen.

And what vision.

For he was feeding on the stars,

And entangled in the galaxies,

Tasting it all, and still wanting more.

For he needed all the nourishment

To form a new being;

To form it out of all he had been,

Like an artist, weaving, moving,

With his essence permeating it all.

He was exploring, living,

The constant rise and fall of possibilities

As they occur from cosmic change

And human lives.

As each possibility arises

He compared it to see its harmonics,

With all he held within himself,

And all that exists in the worlds.

He was searching constantly

For an interface that has

Harmonic concordance

With what he needed.

It would form a connection between

the time, the place, the parents,

and the possibilities

for the life streaming into the future.

The time is still not set,

But is focusing

On the turn of the year.

Many are born now

Forming a power working

Toward forging a new society.

“Soon I will be with you

To continue our love and work in the body”.

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved