Beginning To talk

I begin to talk as LIFE,

And was saying –

But it is human beings who wrote all the holy books.

All of the stories arose out of me.

All of the music all of the fears.

All of the possibilities of life arose because I AM.

Because I as human beings

Attained self-awareness,

All of this wonderful array of qualities arose. 


Now I move into being the story teller.

I could hear the sound

Of the birds and crickets outside,

And it felt like I was experiencing

How the world was millions of years ago,

Not like going back into the past,

But recognising how the past is still with us.

I said – “There was a time when

I heard it for the first time.

I heard it all for the first time

And I was amazed.

I had been unconscious,

Asleep, and I woke up.”


I then heard it all for the first time.

I could hear myself –

Life – crying, laughing, mating.

I was in awe.

I was in AWE.

And I fell down before myself

And I worshipped.

What creates all of this?

What could create it?  


In my awe

I listened to it so deeply,

And I would get so entranced

I would forget about everything else,

And IT spoke to me.

IT spoke to ME!

It spoke to me. 



-Athena Oropeza 2017-04-20 19:16:47

What does it meam when you dream of 2 coyotes, 1 black and 1 white? When I awoke I had the strongest feeling it pertained to my husband.

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