Cupboard Love

My love is like a cupboard,
She is full of wonderful things,
Of memories, laughter and crying
And gentleness that love brings.
She has poems and books within her,
And walks, from her childhood years,
Things that people have told her,
And aloneness of night time fears.

I love to look in that cupboard
To see the things she has there,
Things we have done together,
Things that we can share.
Sometimes she shows me pictures
Of wonderful things she has seen.
Or times, when we are quiet,
In other hearts she has been.

In that cupboard are men and women,
Whose lifetime she has shared,
Or sometimes, carefully hidden,
The stardust she has snared.
There are bluebells that she gathered
As a young, young girl in a wood,
And paintings her feelings canvassed
When on womanhood’s brink she stood.

I wish you could look in this cupboard,
At all of the things I can see.
But you can’t, for you lack her loving,
And that is the magic key.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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