I saw you today
Standing in the middle of the stream.
You were trying to lift the pushchair
Out of the four-wheel-drive,
Balancing your baby
In your other arm.

The current was really strong.
I can’t always see it that clearly.
But today Erica,
It was apparent to me,
Swirling around your limbs,
Along your arms
And out of your breasts.

And I know you have already told me,
But some days I am blind.
Only today, as you held your baby,
Could I see
What you are doing with the torrent
You are standing in.

It’s what you told me
When I asked
How you are dealing with motherhood.
You know – giving birth –
On your feet fast – smiling –
Being the perfect sex goddess
For your man –
Renovating the house –
Being intelligent and witty —
The everything woman.

And there you are
In the middle of the stream,
As the water rushes
Out of the old Welsh mines.
And you – balance –
The pushchair and the baby,
Your husband,
The house –

Copyright ©2002 Tony Crisp

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