Flying West

Fragments of you were everywhere.
Bits of your face,
Body shapes,
Even your breasts.
It got more pronounced
As the day unfolded,
A long day, flying West.
And it was only
As I was dazed
With unmet sleep
That I really saw you at last
In the many women
I had watched
During the hours.

I had almost seen it before,
But suddenly there you were,
The spirit that lived through you,
Lived and loved,
Held your kids,
Expressed that easy communing,
The ease with existing.
And I knew
Who you were at last,
Who we all are
If we are lucky.

For you are the living expression
Of that great woman
Who made America,
And raised her children.
You are that female pioneer
Who managed
To love and be a mother
And a wife
In the beginnings
Of a great land.
You even told me once
That you are an American girl.

And it’s true.
You mothered us,
Filled us with your spirit,
Gave us your body
As a wife.
And everywhere I looked
I saw you.

Dear God,
How I wished
I had married you
And been with you,
In those beginnings
Pioneering this land.
To have been with you
As the spirit of manhood
You gave birth to.
I wish I had been that man,
And you were my wife.
For that great man
Shines through your sons,
As you shine through
Your daughters —

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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