Freeway Jungle

It was so long ago
When you and I
Walked almost unclothed
Through the grand forests.
Everything had meaning
In the world we walked.
The birds and wolves
Were spirits,
Brothers and sisters
In the great garden of Life.
And Creator was everywhere,
Touching mystery and wisdom
Into the sky,
Into the leaves and herbs,
Into our every deed.
And I thought
That world forever gone
Until I stood in the
Clearing of years
And saw your face again.
You were standing
In the Freeway Jungle
And we reached out
To one another
With the new magic
Of electronics
And digital words,
All streaming
To each other with
The old magic of Mysterious love.
And the Jungle of meaning
And fragrant dreams
Opened to us again.
Right here in the cement
And the technology.
Creator enveloped us
In the mystery of things.
Wrapped and transported
Us through distances
In the mind and heart.
And we again
Knew the sacredness
Of a stick,
Or a sea washed stone.
We became kin once more
To our brothers and sisters
The hawk and the wolf,
And sang with them
The sacred heart song.
And they gave to us
Their forest lore.
And, as one living being knows Life,
And in knowing Loves and mates
With the Beloved.
So did we – and are blessed.

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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