Glory Shone Around

And I had a dream –
That glory shone around,
Down from the skies.
And a vision arose –
A vision of great power,
Energy pouring down
Upon the Earth
And on the people.

I bathed in that cascade,
Like a great descent
Of force transforming us,
Changing the physical environment.
It was the new dispensation,
A new phase,
An extension
Of what already exists.

And Joy filled me,
Because something
Wonderful was happening.
It was the New Wine,
The second coming,
Promised for everyone
To drink like wine,
Bubbling and sparkling in us.
Driving out the old
Outworn self.

Death and resurrection
Is upon us in the wonder.
And I heard music,
Which my newly resurrected self
Is in time with and in tune.

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp

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