I Had A Dream

Written during years of unemployment.

I had a dream of being
Young in heart and
Hunting for my woman
And with my hands
And effort make a home
And safety.

And in my waking
My heavy heart sees
I have no home,
No place of warmth
To proudly offer.

I had a dream that
I could give myself
Whole and bright
To she – my wife
As she
So gave herself to me.

And in my waking
I am alone,
Or in another’s bed.
I am not whole
Or proud, but wrecked.

I had a dream that
Mountains could
Be climbed and
On a summit we
Could stand
Touching the infinity.

And in my waking
This prison of
Despair is a small
Rock I stumble over
Unable to climb
And out of hope.

I had a dream
In which all
My endeavours
Through the many
Years, led to
A place within
The many hearts
And lives.

And in my waking
No one offers
Me involvement.
No skill I have
Is worthy of a
Wage or recognition.
So what the years?

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp

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