It Ain’t Your Love

Maybe you think you’ve got love.
You think you’ve got love?
Well, let me tell you
That something could happen
That could knock you on the floor.
When you hit the floor,
Your love might shatter
Like a broken glass.
And you thought you had love.
There is a love bigger than that,
Stronger than that.
You got so clever about love
You thought it was yours,
Until you got knocked down.
Then perhaps you begin to see
It wasn’t yours in the first place.
It was simply flowing through you.
You don’t control it.
Love belongs to life.
It comes through you
When you are giving and caring.
But it can get broken
As soon as you believe
You own it or try to hold on to it.
But love never disappears.
Perhaps its stopped coming to you
From a particular person.
But that isn’t a problem.
Sure as hell, if you love life,
Its going to come at you
From someone else,
From a dog,
From a child,
From the clear blue sky.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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