It’s For You

I could hear your dog barking
When you answered the phone.
And your voice was so clear, so near.
Then a fire truck went by,
All those miles away,
Outside your house.
Or were you in the garden then,
As you talked with me?
What a wonder,
To have you standing so close to me,
Breathing your words in my ear,
Laughing and excited.
And I can almost touch you
Through the phone.
One by one your words
Fill up my heart
With your warmth.
And here I am,
In my little room,
Half the world away.
You are in day,
And I am in night,
Hoping my kisses
Reach you as clearly as my words,
And my love wraps you
As tenderly
As yours does me.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2002 Tony Crisp

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