Kama Ananda

Kali I called you to me.
Across mountains and forests,
Seas and deserts
I called you,
And you came.
I am the spirit of Life
Singing my song.

It is the music of my
Sojourns in the body.
It yearns and cries out.
It weeps and laughs.
This song whispers love to you.
It lifts you as easily
As it wounds your heart.

For I am all things lodging
In the soul of the man who loves you,
Who is giving you everything,
His power, as well as his weakness.
For this is love,
To know each other,
To treasure what is revealed.

You are singing your song to me,
And I hear it my darling.
I hear it and it lifts and wounds too.
And that is love.
I know it, husband that I am.

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp


-petrina 2010-06-28 14:31:48

Hello Darling, here you are now on my blackberry. I haven’t seen any of this yet on a computer, but it is wonderful and amazing.

And I have many comments, as only you might imagine…..

You are an amazing poet. I guess I was lucky to be your muse and mirror for awhile. Kali and I will always love our T


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