Married we be, though no ring shows.
By all the things in me and thee –
married we be.

Though no one roof will shelter us,
No common babe be ours
Married we be.

Apart we live together,
Our love to cradle
Other lonely hearts.
Though all the world between us,
Married we be.

Not needing one another near us,
The chosen task to share
Some others life.
Constant in each other,
Married we be.

For now we know –
What matters?
Near or far apart
Our love has set us free.
My hand in yours –
Married we be.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©1967 Tony Crisp


-Izy 2016-01-26 4:34:32

hi anna 🙂 I had a dream this early morning. I was married to a very handsome man tall, white, and chinky eyes he’s standing at the altar of church and he’s waiting for me to come over him. can u pls tell me what was the meaning of my dream? u can also e-mail me thanks Anna 🙂

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