Night Thoughts

Age brings me memories in the quiet evenings.
I am sitting alone in the house
And my thoughts lead me to sadness,
Letting me see beauty and tragedy in everything.
Memories of love come, bringing back so many things we did.
Feelings as tender as the evening quiet move in me,
Leaving me wistful, living moments with you again.
But are these anything other than fading memories?
I want to believe the love we shared lasts,
Even beyond your going.
Twilight shadows make me wonder.
I hear the song of the bird in the dusk.
It enters me through the empty space of your parting,
Like an open door you went through.

Are you no more?
Just emptiness beyond the door?
What does that leave me with?
What construe of it, or thoughts weave around it?
Tragedy and loneliness? Decay?
Shall I consider bones to be what I loved?
But I am still yearning.
The love still felt for you –
What am I to do with that?
I am calling to you like the bird
Crying your name to the evening.
Till the night comes bringing quietness
I think of you.
I am ready to walk through the door
Though I do not know what is beyond,
In the dark of the night…
In the dark of the night.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp

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