Ocean Meeting

I stood, at the dawning of the year, looking over the ocean, at that place where the trees come almost to the water’s edge. Rocks thrust up among the trees, creating a small cove in which one can be quiet and listen to the earth and sky. And as I stood a movement called my eyes to see a woman waiting where the trees met the shore. She watched me as if expecting me to know her. And I asked her forward to stand before me closer. She came, looking directly into my eyes; a full woman, proud, and confident.

In that way we stood appraising each other, and I saw upon her the marks life leaves when it fades, as at the ending of a year. “I see you are one of those who have already died,” I said. “And yet you live, but only by the power of the spirit, resurrecting you from that dark night.”

She smiled and stood a little closer, putting her hand on my arm until I took it in mine. “This is the way of things at this time,” I continued. “For many of us must die this death, to be reborn, that the spirit may flow more fully into the life of the earth.” And we embraced and stood looking across the ocean.

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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