Round Four

This is round four,
And the bastard has hit me hard.
I’m groggy on my feet
And he is still coming at me.
The crowd is wild.
Is it blood they want to see?
Do they want to see me on my knees
Just like they would love to do
To that big prick at work
Who constantly goads them?
Maybe, but the bell has rung
And I have time to look at their faces.
Yes, some want revenge.
Big time they want it.
But there is another story
In some of the eyes.
I can feel it.
They are right here inside me,
Taking each punch,
Feeling each blow
As it bores into my face.
It is everything
And everybody
That has hit them;
And they want to know
How I stand up again
When all that shit
Hits me in the guts.

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp

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