Sailing the Seas of Love

I passionately sailed the seas of love from birth.
When more so than as an infant?
When more so than when it seemed
To lose my mother’s loving milk meant death?
From that so frantic, gut felt love,
I understand the singers ever chanted cry,
“I cannot live without you.”

That was my wordless call,
“My life, my mother, I cannot live without you!
Hold me, kiss me,
Want me as desperately,
As mortally as I want you.
Then I will know we are lovers
That nothing except death can separate.”

I sailed the storm wracked seas of love,
Near rocky desperate coasts,
As the young boy.
My sails set for howling winds,
I met the waves and troughs
Of separation, of abandonment and betrayal.
Isn’t that the normal route we sail?
The rage, the painful doubts,
The hope filled meetings, the misery of loss.
Those indeed are tempestuous oceans to voyage on.
Those are troublous waters to navigate through.

Shall the turn of wind and sea
Take us to the Ocean of Despair,
To harbour in the river of The Lost Victim?
Or will by strength of arm and soul,
Our craft float upon the Sea of Transcendence,
And harbour in the Bay of Courage?

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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