Submarines In The Cosmic Deep

Today I feel so small,
Lying beside you in the bed.
I can hear
The bellows of your chest
Pumping air.
And I feel so tiny
Against the hugeness
Of the panting body.
But I can hear
My body panting too.
Great machines
Next to each other
Sucking air;
Processing food
In the gurgling guts.
And these great machines
Are submarines
In the cosmic deeps.
And I, so small,
Inside one
Looking through my periscope,
Seeing another craft near,
Wondering if it is you.
Are you as I,
Small, inside this thing?
As I, not knowing
If there be
Something like me
Inside the nearby submarine.
And if there is,
How can I say hello?
How will I know
If you are in this hulk?
Do the noises I make
Through this hull
Reach you?
And noises I hear
Coming back –
Are they from you?
Is there a you
At all?
Can we meet
Each other naked
Of this?

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved