The Ancient Roots of Love

Beneath the temple ruins
A naked woman lies softly on her side
Against the earth in hypnotic repose.
Over her a young Banyan grows,
His strong new roots searching confidently
Along the fleshy contours of her body,
Caressing and securing her within a woven nest of fiber
Anchoring her body along with his
Deeply into the earth.
Soon enough the taproot will
Penetrate her dark and damp kingdom,
And in the ecstasy of love she will submit
As the root rises up along her spine
Like the Serpent Kundalini
Burning a cool fire within her
Melding them together with the earth.
In time, his roots will grow stronger
And taking sustenance from her
She will eventually be absorbed completely
Into his towering might.
Then merged for all eternity,
They will finally be free…..

Copyright ©2005 KGW

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved