The Dark Creature

I am a creature of darkness,
Walking the long cool night
I look in at other mens houses,
Stood well away from the light.
I see them dull from their working,
Sat in a chair half asleep,
And I’m glad I’m not them
Till it hurts me,
Glad I’m not them till I weep.

I am a creature of darkness,
Walking a rising field,
Moved by waves of feeling,
Waves to which I yield.
I’m lonely despite the shadows
Like fear that run by my side,
I’m lonely despite the darkness,
In which I am lost and can hide.

I’m lonely to share my vision
Of things I can see in the dark,
With someone who’ll hear what I’m saying,
With someone who will hark
To the deep dark unuttered sayings,
The things that rise in the gut,
With a girl who’s as lonely as I am
And just as much of a slut.

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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