The Monster

I am telling you son,
There are monsters about.
And I am not saying this
To give you bad dreams at night.
You need to know, so that,
If you suddenly meet one
You will understand what to do.

You are my son,
And I am trying to
Give you the best I can.
But I have to tell you
That I only know
What I have experienced.

As far as I can see,
A monster builds up slowly
Over the years of your life.
I am not sure, but I think
They start as germs
That feed on pains you feel.

You don’t know they exist
Until one day, a person,
Someone you have let
Get really close to you,
Suddenly stabs you
Where all the years of pain
Have slowly congealed.

It is such a shock you
Reel back, bleeding and raging.
And there in front of you
Stands the monster,
Unclothed of its human form,
Leaving you confused and wounded.

The awful thing is
It changes back into
The friendly human form again.
So in the years that follow
You are forever wary,
Wondering in what person
The monster now lurks.

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp


-Traquita Renee Thomas 2013-01-16 13:34:23

This is the most brilliant, poetic interpretation of the effects of venom spewed from a monster onto an unsuspecting loved one I’ve ever read. I have survived the victimization of mother monster and now sister in law monster and both experiences have left me changed forever. I am 54 May 2nd baby and living my last fantastic chapter. I have had the most profound spiritual awakening causing me to let go of all preconceived RELIGION and trust Spirit, the Universe, Guiding Light Workers (the real Jesus – not the Euro version but the true Aramaic EASHOA who was in every way a Jew) I married my husband on my 50th birthday. I too am a writer. Please contact me! You are a Spirit of GREAT LIGHT and LOVE! Peace to you!!! and Continued LIGHT and DIGNITY!

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